last update: 30.06.2009

New exclusive Active Member area starts 1 July 2009:

As soon as you are logged in as Active Member, you have access to this exclusive areas:


Meter Spex

DR Releases


The menus become visible in the menu bar after your log in. After your first Active Member registration it can take 24 hours until the Memberarea access is enabled.

Important Statement!

Dear sound enthusiasts,

we really would love to deliver a complete free service. The operation of the PMF requires unfortunately a lot of time and budget and we have no funds and no industrial support or public support yet. We think that the transition back to a better sound should be USD 30,- worth, especially for people who live with and for the music. As soon as we have the funds to operate independent of this individual Active Membership contributions we will open access to all areas again. It´s a matter of time (and budget) to reach this status. Please be aware that you don´t pay for a freeware tool. As Active Member you are an active part of this changing process. It depends on you if we all together with joined forces will make things different. Please become Active Member now.

If you would like to support the PMF with bigger donations with tax right off opportunity please contact This would higher the efficiency and PR power of the PMF drastically and would enable free access to all areas.

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