last update: 30 Aug 2010

List of Donors

Dear Friends of Good Sound!

"God is in the details - and there are no details anymore" said Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) when he was asked about the sound quality of contemporary pop releases.

In representation of all music listeners, creatives and music business participants the PMF works for the transformation back to dynamic music.

The Pleasurize Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: good sound for all music lovers and a valorization of music to revitalize the entire "food chain" of the music industry from composer to record company.

We can only accomplish this together!

To give you an idea of the work we are doing please read more here: "Our Aim"& "Strategy"

Pleasurize YOUR Music! Get involved and support the PMF!

Be a Sponsor with as little as 20€/$30 or an other self defined amount. Please click the PayPal button: 

or send a check to:

Pleasurize Music Foundation
2400 Chanticleer Ave. Suite D2
Santa Cruz CA 95062 USA

We will send you a donation receipt on request (please provide name and address of donor) and if you want to be listed in our List of Donors (see below).

The Pleasurize Music Foundation thanks you for your support!

We will regularly report on how the financial resources are put to use.

List of Donors

thank you very much for your contribution to the success of the PMF!
Sponsors are additionally tagged as "active member" in the Sign-Up list (if amount is USD 30 or more and the donor is registered user.

Name Category USD
Michael Sünder  music listener 30
Eliot B Reynolds  music producer 50
Thomas Berberich  musician 20
Arndt Wobbe  music listener 25
Vassilis Aggelis  record company 70
Olof Olofsson  music listener 20
Ronny Vogel  music listener 90
MES Musikelektronik  mixing engineer 25
Matthias Steinbrecher  mastering engineer 6
Timo Jessen  music producer 15
Oz Kron  music listener 25
Stefano Cappelli, Creative Mastering  mastering engineer 60
Tom Krueger  mastering engineer 50
Markus Rufer  listener 20
Roland Enders  musician 20
Stefano Aria  listener 20
Matthias Klukas   20
Hermann-Josef Winter   10
 Charlie Steinberg  music industry  3000
total   3576

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